The holiday season is not just a good time to shop for your loved ones on your list but also the best time of year to find deals for yourself. Black Friday through New Years is the best time of the year to score on some higher dollar items that don’t go on sale very often. So, don’t forget to find yourself a few things from Santa. Here are the top fashion items you can save on.

Designer purses 
I am a big fan of designer purses but am too frugal to purchase one at full retail cost. Many large retailers will run up to 40-50% off their already clearance items, including brands like Coach and Michael Kors during the holidays. They do go fast and it may be a little crazy. If you can handle the crowds, you can save yourself a lot of money and score a pretty sweet designer purse at a much lower price. If you live nearby, go a day or two before and scope out the current inventory. You can narrow down exactly what you want and that way when everyone is frantically grabbing purses, you will already know exactly what you want.

Clothing is a big item you can really get some deals on for Black Friday. The nice thing is there are so many retailers now that offer the same deals online. It is so easy to shop online in your pajamas. Your package will be delivered right to your door, without dealing with any of the holiday crowds and fighting to get into a dressing room.
Parfum is also a big holiday item because of its gift popularity. Gift sets are a great way to get more for your money. Many stores also have additional sales and promotions to drive sales during the holidays. If you wait until after Christmas, there are always some gift sets leftover that you can also score some great deals on. They usually go quick since designer parfums do not go on sale frequently.

If you look at Black Friday ads, you can typically find winter boots and shoes starting at $19.99. Every big chain retail ad you look at will most likely have a crazy good deal on an assortment of shoes and boots. I myself like to splurge on leather boots that will last me much longer. Although you will most likely not find leather boots for $19.99, you will also find some awesome savings by shopping the Black Friday sales.

Victoria’s Secret is obviously one of the biggest retailers. They typically run great deals on Black Friday and throughout the holidays. If you miss out during the holidays, their semi-annual sale usually starts shortly after Christmas where you can score some pretty sweet deals on bra and panty needs.

Borenta Boutique also wants to help you save money this holiday season. Don’t forget to splurge on yourself as well while you are Holiday Shopping. Enjoy 20% off any purchase of $50. Happy Holiday Shopping!!